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Our vehicle scheduling module provides the means to model the entire distribution operation of a company at the finest level of detail, minimising travelling time and maximising vehicle utilisation. It may include one or more depots in each run thus enabling a combined trunking and multi-drop operation to be investigated.

Full account is taken of all parameters confronting organisation including vehicle load capacities, depot and call opening times, legal restrictions on shift and break times etc. A number of in-built control parameters enable users to achieve results specific to their mode of operation. These controls not only define the algorithm to be used but also reflect the decision criteria generally practised within a company’s transport office. In exploring the effects of changing aspects of the distribution system the following investigations are commonly undertaken:

  • Mixing different types of trade on the same fleet
  • Interaction of several depot areas
  • Changes to fleet composition
  • Examine the costs of different service levels over a number of weeks
  • Plans for peak/trough operations
  • Profitability analysis of each account - The results produced contain detailed information such as travel and work times, arrival times and departure times and resource summaries over a period of weeks if required. All reports may be exported to spread sheet and database programs