22 August 2013


TouchStar Technologies and PODFather sign Partnership Agreement

Edinburgh, UK : 23rd August 2013

PODFather today announced that it had signed a Partnership Agreement with TouchStar Technologies, a manufacturer of rugged mobile computing devices and provider of solutions for vehicle tracking & telematics.

PODFather is a cloud based mobile software solution designed for businesses operating in logistics, construction, and various field service sectors. The integrated PDA and web-based back office solutions allow businesses to manage their operations in real-time and removes the problems associated with paper-based processes.

PODFather has formed partnerships since its launch in 2006 with industry leading hardware manufacturers and mobile networks to ensure it delivers solutions which fit the requirements and budgets of its customers. Commenting on its partnership with TouchStar, Colin McCreadie , Business Development Director of PODFather stated “We believe that in today’s business environment, mobilising your workforce is crucial to efficiently delivering top class customer services, to building and maintaining your competitiveness and to enhancing your profitability.”.

McCreadie further added, “We are delighted to be working with TouchStar as many of the challenging environments that our clients are operating in cry out for the rugged, high quality terminals that TouchStar design and manufacture. Furthermore, the vehicle-based telematics and tracking hardware and software solutions that TouchStar also supply are complimentary to our own software. Our combined offering allows clients to obtain real-time data on vehicle and personnel movements and to fully integrate this with job booking, invoicing and routing and scheduling activities.”

A number of PODFather existing applications including ‘Logistics’ ‘Earthworks’ and ‘Field Service’ have been fully tested on a range of devices within the TouchStar portfolio, enabling clients to select from a number of different hand-held form factors. Clients have the reassurance of a written undertaking of compatibility between PODFather software and TouchStar hardware.

PODFather mobile applications running on TouchStar terminals can be quickly integrated into existing back office systems. Customised to specific client requirements, the combined PODFather-TouchStar solution ensures that up-to-date, vital information is always available to a mobile field force and that data collected on-site automatically updates back office systems, ensuring that the whole enterprise has up to date and accurate information. Importantly, both organisations use technologies and development environments that the client organisation will be familiar with, allowing them to leverage existing investments, expertise and applications.

TouchStar and PODFather will jointly be marketing solutions to a range of target industries and clients. In particular, PODFather has acquired comprehensive expertise in the Construction, Service Management and Logistics industries, each of which are ideal applications for the rugged TouchStar computing devices.
Mike Turner, Group Marketing Manager for TouchStar, said, “TouchStar has a long-established track record of partnering with best-of-breed software vendors and we see PODFather as a company that can provide robust and reliable mobile solutions. Their track record is impeccable.”